Dance As Therapy: Natalia Duong at TEDxStanford

Katie’s Story: Dance/Movement Therapy

An Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance movement therapy is a form of psychotherapy that draws upon the innate knowledge that lies within the body.

It is the integration of the physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person.

Through movement you become more aware of your body and connect with thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When you express ourselves in a creative way through your body you heal, you become whole again.

Embodiment leads to a feeling of vitality and empowerment.

Learning to express yourself through personal movements allows you access to your memories, dreams and desires.

You discover new ways of relating to the world. As you move you feel more connected to yourself, your surroundings and other people.

Movement and dance are powerful tools that can help you understand and change old patterns of behaviour and deal with life’s challenges.

“The tools I have gained allow me to feel safer in my body and daily life. I can now take better care of myself.

It is fun to learn and discover about my body and myself within a creative setting.

I feel safe and understood and we laugh a lot.”

Lucy, Individual DMT client
Emily Shaw


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