It is possible to work on themes such as intimacy, assertiveness and self-confidence.

Or you may have specific issues that require a more in-depth approach:

Burn-out or burn-out prevention

In our hectic stressful lives where so much is demanded from us both professionally and personally, the symptoms of burn-out can quickly become debilitating. Through learning to listen to our bodies and becoming clearer with our boundaries we can take back control and start to enjoy life again.

Anxiety disorders

When aspects of life become too scary we try to protect ourselves by closing down or over controlling our environment. Through movement and dance we can learn to take risks again allowing us to live our lives more fully with a sense of wonder and adventure.

Psychosomatic symptoms

When thoughts and feelings are not expressed they may manifest in the body leading to unexplained physical symptoms. Through investigating the underlying metaphors the original meanings may become clear. This leads both to a better understanding of our inner world and to physical relief.


Giving space to feelings and expressing them through movement and imagination can shift the symptoms of depression and lead to a richer inner life and a whole array of emotions. Feelings of low self-esteem are replaced with self confidence and self worth.


If traumas are not consciously processed they remain in the body, leading to serious problems. Dance therapy is effective in stabilising symptoms, making sense of the past, rewrite our stories and allowing us to reconnect with feelings of pleasure and pride.

Emotion regulation

If we experience explosive or unpredictable feelings that rock us off our axis, dance can become an invaluable tool to help regain balance. We can learn to ride the waves and enjoy a rich emotional life.

Some themes that can be explored in dance movement therapy:

Self-soothing and relaxation

Tuning in to bodily needs and sensations

Learning to trust the body again

Finding balance and direction

Rediscovering playfulness and creativity

Grounding and assertiveness

Intimacy and relationships

Building self-confidence

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